About Our Service

We deliver fresh dairy and grocery products into your ice chest or milk box once a week between 1 am and 9 pm depending on your location and route sequence. As a safety measure, if you forget to leave out your ice chest, we will provide you with a 30 qt styrofoam cooler for a $3 service charge per cooler needed.

All of our milk choices are rBST and antibiotic free. You will receive the freshest milk you can buy. In fact, it is delivered to your door usually within a few days after the cow was milked. Grocery store milk is usually at least a week to ten days old when you pick it off the shelf.

Non-homogenized organic milk comes in glass bottles just like the old days. There is a $3 deposit for the glass which is refunded when you return the glass rinsed clean.

Any small order helps as we are probably already in your neighborhood delivering to other customers. Any item you order can be scheduled to automatically continue every week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks, or 4 weeks as a standing order. Items you use less often can be ordered for one-time-only delivery. Changes to your orders can be done every week as late as Sunday midnight before your delivery day.

There is never a contract obligating you to stay. We will automatically charge your credit or debit card the Monday before each delivery. There is only a $2 weekly delivery fee for our service to help cover our gas cost, which is probably less than what it would cost you to go to the store yourself.

We look forward to being of service to you!